FOREX PLATFORM is where traders interact to the Forex market and make buying and selling goes directly to the provider that is, a Forex Broker.

There are several platforms that are used by forex traders as follows;


MetaTrader4 trading platform is the most popular used by traders, although there are some brokers offer MetaTrader5.


  • crypto exchange
  • Developed by Spotware Systems, cTrader launched in 2010 with cAlgo for algorithmic trading. Guarantee direct access to the Forex market and potentially improve the quality of trading.

    cTrader available in several versions, including desktop, android, iOS, and the web. unique and clean appearance has made cTrader increased popularity among traders.


    Trading platform is also available for computers and smartphones.

    There are also news and alerts chat room to communicate directly with broker support officer (like Marketiva or Agea), as well as with other fellow traders. Streamster not like MetaTrader, not allowing the trader to use the EA, custom indicator or Robot Trading (computer version).


    Trader trading with web access available from forex brokers and trading platforms without downloading separate.

    Nota: EA, Custom indicator or Trading Robots should only be installed on a computer sake only and should not be for mobile devices perisian @Android smartphone.



    Before you go further into the Forex business, you must apply a feeling that FOREX trading with real money means “you’re losing money.”


    The concept is the same in every business in the world, the risk of loss is one of the factors that should be taken note. Do not use your daily money to trade Forex!!!. Therefore, it is the easiest way of acceptance if trader having loss on trading without the emotional involvement. In trading recommended only 1-2% of the risk per transaction (from the trading capital).

    “Heartbeat” getting faster upon opening a position (especially for the first time) in a real account and mixed with feelings either “profit ” or ” loss ” ?.”

    This is a normal reaction, After opening position and the market moves against the position (unlike the analysis), trader begin to make trading decisions based only on EMOTIONAL and anger. Most traders will become emotional when a loss and start to act reckless revenge, open trading positions without proper analysis (just like gambling) end up in lossing all the capital.

    Conclusion, trading with a demo account “NO Emotional” Like no on Real Account trading. Always Back-Test the ⓘstrategy & Techniques, between two to three months (or more) in the DEMO Account, take care of them before trading on Real Account. Try making your own trading experience as real as possible in the Demo account: disciplined, planned target gains / losses (based on the capital that you are plan putting into Forex real account) .. this is the best way and approaches of preparation in trading FOREX before started with real money.

    “The movement of prices in the DEMO and REAL ACCOUNT are parallel”. You may be new to forex, so a demo account is the ideal choice to test your trading potential. It allows you to trade with virtual money, without exposing you to any risk, as your gains and losses are simulated. Once you have tested your trading strategies, learned about market moves and how to place orders, you can take the next step to open a trading account with real money.

    ATTENTION: Installing Metatrader @ MT4 into android or personall computer, please visit the [HERE]


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