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A Fundamental analysis Is a technical analysis through ECONOMIC NEWS (the economic, social and political on the supply (supply) and demand (demand)) indirectly affect the price of the Forex market.

ECONOMIC NEWS movement through the market does not last long, when the economic news announced, market/price will caused sudden SPIKE or STEPPING.

But the price will move to the previous track, which follows the trend! Take Advantage on Economic Calendar Forex News website:

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    (This page has accuracy for economic analysis).

Note: the news times followed New York in the United States (a difference of around 12-13 hours later than GMT + 8 hours Malaysia time).

*During Economic News Release only those Forex’s traders are really proficient in fundamental analysis will perform a trade.

The Fundamental analysis factors influencing currency/market price;

• USD is influenced by the price of gold.
• If the USD price a rises, the price of gold will fall, and vice versa.
• The USD price is under USD Index.
• USD is affected by the stock market and bonds.
• US economy dependent on imported oil. The change in oil prices will affect the value of the USD.
• European Union (EU) consists of 15 countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden & amp; UK. All countries using the euro as a major currency except Denmark, Sweden and the UK.
• Economic news is the most important of the German states, France and Italy.
• The movement of EUR / USD is very important to measure the strength and weakness of the EUR and USD currency.
• GBP is directly proportional to the price of energy. (Energy)
• Most EU countries import oil from the UK. If oil prices rise, the EU countries have had to buy more GBP and used to buy the oil.
• Increasing oil prices will benefit and increase the income of the UK in energy export sector.
• The strength or weakness of the GBP can be seen clearly in the EUR / GBP. Movements in the EUR / GBP influence the movement of GBP / USD.
• The Bank of Japan (BoJ) is trying to weaken the Yen as if the Yen stronger and stronger, it will affect Japanese export sector due to higher product prices.
• Japan is heavily dependent on imported oil. High oil prices will be a barrier to production and economic developments in Japan because the prices of inputs and raw materials will be more expensive.
• The movement of EUR / JPY can affect or be affected by the USD / JPY. GBP / JPY and AUD / JPY also can give kean to EUR / JPY and USD / JPY.
• Gold Producer’s 5th largest & oil produce to the 14th largest in the world. Therefore, changes in the price of gold and oil will affect the CAD.
• The CAD price is directly proportional to the commodities (oil & Gold). If commodity prices rise, the price of CAD will also increase and vice versa.
• Economy Canada is very sensitive to changes in the US economy. If the US economy deteriorates, it will negatively affect Canada’s economy because companies from the US will reduce the activity of importing materials from Canada.
• Switzerland is the holder / storage unlawful gold 4th largest in the world. • If the gold price strong CHF will also be strong.
• Australian gold producer in the 3rd world. When gold prices rise, AUD prices will also rise. NZD
• NZD directly proportional to the AUD.
• If the price of a commodity (gold) strong CHF will also be stronger.

The FUNDAMENTAL News Economic which caused huge impact of market ( traders have to be smart to take a chance & handle risk for huge profits or huge losses ).

° Non-farm employment change (NFP) -Every First Friday of the month.
° Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
° Retail Sales
° Consumer Price Index (CPI)
° Personal Consumption
° Expenditure University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment °
° Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
° Consumer Price Index (CPI)
° Employment Change German
° Industrial Production Budget Deficits
° Unemployment Rate
° Consumer Price Index (CPI)
° Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
° Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)
° Gfk Consumer Confidence report.
° Gross Domestic Productt Tankan
° SurveysUnemployment Rate
° Consumer Price Index (CPI)
° Core Machinery Orders
° Consumer Price Index (CPI)
° Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
° Trade Balance ° Ivey Purchasing Mangers’ Index (PMI)
° RISK MANAGEMENT [Mone Management]
° Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
° Retail sales Consumer Price Index (CPI)
° Balance of Trade
°Consumer Price Index (CPI)
°Balance of TradeGross Domestic Product (GDP)
°Unemployment Rate NZD
°Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
°Consumer Price Index (CPI)
°Balance of Trade.


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