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It is important to do a research or due diligence to identify the activities and crypto ponzi scheme before you stepping into the world of crypto currencies.

These days there are many fraudulent activities that are usually on a crypto currency website. Some of them involve the use of scam multi-level marketing (either called as “networking”), contracts, mining rigs or cloud programs. It does not end here, the scammer changes day by day as blockchain technology develops.

Therefore, you should be on alert when entering trade, business and crypto currency investment schemes. Additionally, knowing the legality of contracts or schemes comprising “Multi Level Marketing and Cloud Mining” can be a tough task. This is because many of websites can write a fake reviews for certain contract or scheme in exchange for a certain amount of money. Multiple your Bitcoin & Ethereum

Business or investment actually has its own product that shows the potential of the business or investment scheme, without the interest of pursuing new people to participate or showing bunch of money on social sites as a result of scheme revenues.


Read lot of reviews and research on a schemes from it actual locations and complete analysis before taking any decision must be the main factors to avoid any fraud before you lose your hard-earn.

Crypto ponzi scheme is a form of High Yield Investment Program is not realistic to achieve without a real product-based to investors.

The Crypto ponzi scheme requires continuous money flow to compete with payments and it comprises:

Crypto Cloud Mining

Buying hashrate of mining power in bitcoin unit, whereby the company does not exist and no staff or expertise, nor does it have hardware for mining Crypto coins. Scam sites like, and etc.

However, among the Crypto Cloud Mining Company, if you still interested to have cloud mining service, you may refer to the following companies operating legally and reliable (based on author experience);

Eobot : Operational since 2013 – Eobot Inc.,

Get started with as little as $10 – Daily Faucet reward.. ≡LEARN  EOBOT MORE≡

IDENTIFY Multi Level Marketing

As an investor required buying altcoin in bitcoin or fiat unit which is actually a scam coin. The investors receive a return on investment funds contributed by new investors, such as site and etc.


How can you prevent ponzi scheme activities which is behind the name of cryptocurrency such Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, etc?

Here are some of the properties used by the scammers :

1 – The website has never registered a domain name on the real user name (ie the name of the website owner). tips: you can check “whois domain” via google, bing, yahoo etc

2 – Via website, it does not have a management office address, no phone number, no company background or management member, but just a feedback form as intermediary.

3 – They register a company whose directors are foreigners rather than locals as an easy document abroad.

4 – For the sake of illusions of honesty and confidentiality, initial funds invested by customers, used to make payments, set aside funds received.

5 – They focus on promotions rather than quality materials that are usually baseless and ambiguous, especially in the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) PYRAMID scheme.

Nothing is “GUARANTEED”, especially in the world of investing. If any investment advertises themselves as giving guaranteed returns, you should run away immediately. ALL investments carry risks.

All Ponzi schemes “WILL BE DEAD !!!!”

because it’s not a sustainable business model. It is no wonder if these ponzi schemes only survive a year or two, especially as soon as new registrants are reduced and slowed, the percentage of existing investors wants to spend at the same time.

The scheme collapsed, and everyone will lose their money, except for the organizer or scammer !! So to whom can you make a complaint ?? Hence, the importance of a scheme is regulated by a country’s financial authority to ensure that the issue is complied with in the event of any fraud.

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