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Using a crypto escrow service is highly recommended to handle a payment especially transacting with an untrusted or unknown parties.

An escrow is a way to control and protect financial assets and one of the most reliable ways to overcome volatility in the cryptocurrency market and to ensure that your trades are executed in a secure, timely manner. 

Using crypto escrow service (it is a third-party) in the exchange between fiat currency and crypto coin transactions is a great.

The crypto escrow service acts as a neutral third party or a middle man between buyer and seller.

The function of Crypto Escrow is to protects:

1 – Sellers in case buyers decide to back out of the deal without a legitimate reason and likewise.

2 – Buyers in case if the seller turns out to be a scammer and doesn’t deliver the goods.

If there is any dispute between buyer and seller, the crypto escrow service will act as mediator and determine who should ultimately receive the funds.


If you have known no service escrow, each one of them has built a solid reputation and is generally trusted by the Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin @ Crypto coin are locked until seller confirms the payment

In case of problems, support team will resolve base on evidences provided by both sides.

Supported crypto : BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, BCH and LTC.

Further info on Remitano is ≡here≡

p/s – Author only use Remitano for or it is related to crypto escrow service. Also heard about and … but have no experience with them so far. Please share, if you knew or found any of legitimate and trusted escrow and those a scam crypto escrow services as well. 


So these are basically your options. You can go with a “traditional” or crypto escrow services. 

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