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White label is a type of business that allows us to rebrand other Company products to our own company’s product brand. By giving full license to our Company through branding, white labs can also provide a “ready-made” website for us to start a business directly by placing our own company logo on the website and also on its product display.

This whitelist may sound almost identical to the “Master Resell Rights” (MRR) or “Private Label Right” (PLR) business, but it is not. This is because it gives us the right to use their product (a company) as our own product.

So the definition to white label is:

“Rebranding the product or service of the Provider to the Product itself, by changing their logo to the own company’s such logo and giving us full rights according to their terms and conditions”


White label has a variety of niches, and most have high demand like niche dating, forex, advertising platform, social network and so on. So, suppliers to white label are many and they cover a variety of fields or niches are that have high demand.


White label businesses have many advantages, especially if we want to start our own business that can start with small businesses first, SME level and next to Corporate Company. Although small, you can go global and even offline, you’ll be able to feel a good income if you’re really serious with your white label business.Among the advantages of White label Business are :

A) Branding
– you can brand your own, your logo, and even your company name completely. They absolutely license you to do so as long as you comply with their terms and conditions. Their Terms and Conditions do not work, they only have rules, and those rules can not be violated. As long as you really do business and not scam people, that’s enough.

B) Web Ready Made
– Most White label Providers provide ready-made and easy-made web setup packages especially online white label providers. They provide the web that is easy for you to convert to your company’s domain name, your logo as well as services and packages.

C) Secured or Licensed
– White label business is highly licensed, it is because they make you as their reseller who needs to be supported, given attention and taken care of as some of their income also stems from you. So, even if their profits provide some sort of support as well as tools for you, but it’s okay because they are just a startup cost, the cost of marketing is yours, regardless of online or offline. So, you should be entitled to more unless they have a lot of costs like the Whitelabel Travel niche, backup and more.

D) Pricing and Your Own Package
– This is the best and special thing in white label business, most white label providers let us charge someone else at our own price, meaning we can setup our own pricing plan, and can charge what we like depending on the current market price. Want to look more attractive for marketing to establishing companies, charging them at a price of thousands of dollars is normal, what else involves online software such as white label backup, software and application. Your income, you decide.

E) Fully Outsource
– Fully Outsource means white label provider who are fully created, make backup servers, keep up maintenance, fully support 24 hours 7 days a week and more. So, as you join this white label what suppose to do? Simple answer, you just only do marketing, marketing and marketing. No matter if you are online or offline, paid or not, they will do the rest for you. If you are not proficient in English and want to deal with the global online market, you can also make outsourcing, there’s a way.

F) Low Risk
– because you do not have to hire designer, programmers or experts, you have a very low risk, even though there is a paid white label, but still less risky, even your profits can reach 200% to 300% like become as reseller streamyx, nearly 200% Commission. Your risks and costs are on shop @ premise, marketing, advertising and even outsourcing.

G) Support 24/7
– it’s definitely a support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since they’re your manager2 and Customer support that can help you and your customers, either via chat, email and phone calls.

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